Fight Club Q&A With David Fincher and Chuck Palahniuk

The first rule of Fight Club is “Do Not Talk About Fight Club.” The second rule is “Do Not Talk About Fight Club.” Well, tonight, we’re going to talk about Fight Club. In the late ’90s, I attended an advanced screening of this movie in Boston. It’s been an all-time favorite of mine since then,

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this is me(eglet)

When I read my horoscope, it’s from Em & Lo. Since I’m on the cusp, I read both and choose whichever one I like better. No guns. Non-negotiable. “Dude, you’re too serious.” No, not really. I just know myself and am very particular about who I share my humor and my time with; and I’m

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Cocodrilo Se Enamora

I don’t speak Spanish. My son doesn’t speak Spanish. I do, however, know enough Spanish that I can read a book written in Spanish and translate it for my son. Granted, I’m talking about a childrens’ book, but still…I can translate it. One of my son’s current favorite reads is Cocodrilo se enamora. I had

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