Cole’s Tread Assault

Mock if you will, but LEGOs will never be uncool. Last Christmas, Mister’s uncle bought him this car from the Ninjago collection, Cole’s Tread Assault. I have no idea who Cole is. Still not too sure why Ninja’s have assault vehicles either. What I do know, however, is that Mister came into the living room one day and asked me if I wanted to help him build this car. I was up for it. Then, I saw there was not one but TWO instruction books included in the package. The thing has over 280 pieces! This was going to be awesome.

It turned out, it really was awesome. Mister and I got this assembly line thing going. First, we sorted all of the pieces by color. Then, we opened up the first book. The instruction books are laid out in steps using big, bold color pictures. Each step shows you a picture of which pieces you will need followed by a sequence of how to assemble those pieces.  I would collect the pieces and then hand them to Mister so he could put them together. Sixty percent of the time, he could do that himself. Twenty percent of the time he did it wrong. The other twenty percent of the time, he looked at the steps, passed me the pieces and said, “Here. I’ll let you do this one.”

Thanks, kid.

It’s a $40 toy which can be expensive if you consider that it’s just a car. On the other hand, it’s a car composed of parts that are virtually indestructible. They are easy to lose, for sure; but I challenge you to snap one of those little 2 x 4 pieces in half using only your hands. They’ll last for generations which is important if you have more than one child. Also, LEGOs are colorful, clever educational toys that really challenge kids to use their spatial relations skills. They also teach kids how to follow step-by-step instructions. (Sorta. They never actually do follow them, but it’s on the parents to make them go back and try again using the instructions).

[zilla_tabs] [zilla_tab title=”Features”]
  • Almost 1 foot long
  • Spring-loaded, rocket launcher with 1, rubber-tipped rocket
  • 2 ninja swords and 4 blades for the body
  • Rear spinners for the back wheels (“They spinnin’!”)
  • Two LEGO figurines: Cole and Skales (some snakeman straight out of Dennis Quaid’s Dreamscape)
[/zilla_tab] [zilla_tab title=”Opinion”]Final analysis: I give it a 4 out of 5. It’s a pretty sweet little ride. My only problem with it is that the wing looking things attached to the topside of the car snap off too easily. We decided to take them off and put them in the spare parts box. I’m sure we’ll repurpose them later. Also, the trigger for the rocket launcher is a little difficult to access because of its location. Otherwise, it’s solid. LEGO suggests this model is appropriate for children aged 8-14. Given Mister is 6 and I’m pushing 40, they clearly got that part wrong. Nevertheless, I had a good time putting it together.  Great for rainy, weekend afternoons.  These are just a few of the reasons why I said at the beginning, LEGOs will never be uncool.  [/zilla_tab] [/zilla_tabs]

Next week: the Rattlecopter.

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