• Cole’s Tread Assault

    Mock if you will, but LEGOs will never be uncool. Last Christmas, Mister’s uncle bought him this car from the Ninjago collection, Cole’s Tread Assault. I have no idea who Cole is. Still not too sure why Ninja’s have assault vehicles either. What I do know, however, is that Mister came into the living room one day and asked me if I wanted to help him build this car. I was up for it. Then, I saw there was not one but TWO instruction books included in the package. The thing has over 280 pieces! This was going to be awesome.

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  • The Peanut Gallery #5: I Like Mitt Romney


    “I like Mitt Romney,” Mister said out of the blue last night. Umm, okay. No one else in the house does so I ask, “Why do you like Mitt Romney?”

    “Well,” he begins, “my friend, Badger, likes Mitt Romney.”

    “That’s cool, Mister. I think you’ll find that lots of people in Arkansas like Mitt Romney.”

    “So do you like Mitt Romney?” he asked.

    “No,” I said.

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  • The Monks of Shao-lin

    Born in Poland in 1971, award-winning photographer, Tomasz Gudozowaty began his career with nature photography before changing his focus to documenting uncommon, non-commercial sports. Most recently, Gudozowaty released a remarkable photo essay entitled Shaolin Temple. This stunning and powerful portfolio depicts Shaolin Monks practicing martial arts and meditating. Presented in black and white, these images seem to portray the ancient and mysterious nature of Shaolin Kung Fu.

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  • In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Vader was child. Boba Fett had a big head. Sandpeople had piñatas.