the_meegletFirst, it was a photo blog. Then, it was a portfolio site. Now, The Meeglet is a diary of a first-time father and a long-time storyteller. It recounts all of the joys of parenthood at the very pinnacle of their brilliance: surprise smiles; unexpected giggles; itty-bitty pants, socks, and shirts; awkward shaped heads; infinite sleep deprivation; room temperature dinners; milk-stained jeans; Holy-Crap-That’s-An-Expensive-LEGO-Set afternoons; and bundles of unsolicited advice from all four corners. All. Four. Corners. Of course, like any good story, one must have a cast of characters.

The Cast


A very, very tall friend wanted to hug me, pet me, and squeeze me and call me “George”. We settled on “Meeglet”. Ten years and two kids later, it still sticks.


Bilingual mother of two with a knack for marketing and advertising, Mommy is the family’s events planner and family archivist. She also has an award-winning chili.


Fiercely independent yet always wanting to lend a hand, Mister is the little man of the house and the central character of The Peanut Gallery.

Sweet Pea

The newest addition and littlest man of the house, Sweet Pea is the most handsome baby you’ll ever meet. Every parent says that; but this time it’s true.


Rescued from euthanasia by just one day, Juno is the consummate Omega of the house and the cat-lovers’ dog. Even kids who fear dogs hug on Juno. Well, sometimes.

Mr. Bean

Stubborn as can be but equally cute, Mr. Bean eats expensive house- and foot- wares. He wrecks fences. He’s gone on walkabout. Not cool. Good thing he’s cute.